Why You Need A Travel Agent

Planning a vacation takes a lot of time and can be complicated. But using a travel agent simplifies things, saves you time, and best of all, in most cases saves you money.

Most destinations offer tons of options as to how to get there, where to stay, where to dine, what to do, and on and on. You can read reviews or maybe ask a friend. But of course, all that takes time. And whose to say that you enjoy doing the same sorts of things. A reviewer may be on a tight budget or, the opposite, feel that money is no object.

And most of us have had the unpleasant experience of arriving at that cute hotel in Mexico that we saw on the Internet only to find it is not at all how we envisioned it from the pics taken on the beach a mile away, through four blocks of slums. Or found that the air conditioning is broken or non-existent.


Most people don’t realize that the average vacation requires around 44 hours to plan. That’s a whole lot of time. In fact, it’s even more hours than most people take off from work to go on the vacation.

Imagine what could you do with that 44 hours. Go to the gym, like you said you would, have dinner with your family, or give back to your church or community.

A good travel agent will spend time getting to know you, your family or friends, and your preferences. They will then sort through all of the confusion to layout a draft plan for you to review while requiring little or none of your time.

And the cost? Agents do not receive any fee from the airlines. Some will add a fee, but at Beach WIndz, it’s part of our customer service. But many times, travel agents can find discounts that you may not be aware of by talking directly with the vendor. And agents have a lot more leverage than you do because they book lots of trips for lots of people.

Hotels, attractions, cruises, etc. do pay the agent a fee so that they can stay in business, but it’s included in the price you would pay even if you book yourself. In other words, you do not receive that fee in the form of a discount. So really, you’re paying for an agent whether you choose to use one or not. So why not use one?

The next time you need a break, let a travel agent book that much-needed vacation and save time, money, and maybe, just maybe, that last little bit of sanity.

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